Growing Marijuana A Blog to Help You Do It

Growing a marijuana plant is pretty easy if you know the “how” and “why.” The “why” is due to a great deal of scientific information. Growing a cannabis plant, however, is not as straight-forward as simply understanding why it grows. A marijuana plant can be pretty dang tricky!

When you grow marijuana, you are in essence growing three different types of plants within the same pot. You have the plant that produces the resin, which is the high- THC variety of marijuana. cheese auto You have what is known as the indica strain, which has a shorter shelf life but produces the least potent buds. Lastly, there is the sativa strain, which is the most potent and the longest lasting of the three varieties.

To begin growing your first crop, the first step is to buy a good, strong, and sturdy pot. Although you can purchase your pot at a local garden store or hardware store, they are usually not very sturdy. This is because the purpose of a pot is to hold water and nutrients that your plants will need to thrive.

Once you have found a pot that meets your needs, the next step is to begin learning about your plant. Take a look at it under the light and check for the following: Is it tender? Is it growing big and dark? All of these questions are important when it comes to growing marijuana and maintaining a healthy plant.

The next step is to get your seeds and start planting. It’s important to keep in mind that marijuana plants need constant light for them to thrive. So, when you place your seed on top of some cardboard to grow in, make sure that the hole you’ve put it in is pretty open and sunny. Too much or too little light can kill a plant pretty easily, so be very careful with how you position your marijuana so it receives an ample amount of sunlight. Some prefer to put their marijuana plants upside down to achieve this effect.

As your herb starts to mature and you notice the first signs of leaves, you’ll want to move it to a more open location. When it comes to watering your marijuana plants, the most important thing is to pay attention to water drainage. Water slowly and consistently to avoid the plant drying out too much. Some tips for better water drainage include using a watering can or use a few old towels. Just keep your growing marijuana blog updated and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a weed farmer!